Prof. Adrian New

Associate Head, Marine Systems Modelling
Marine Systems Modelling
+44 (0)23 8059 6173

I have broad interests in ocean physics and the role of the ocean in climate change. My background covers both idealised and general circulation modelling, as well as direct hydrographic observations at sea. My specific interests appear below. . Large scale ocean circulation and its decadal-timescale variability. . Climate change processes and projections on up to centennial timescales. . Internal waves and related mixing processes.

Committee and Board Memberships: 

Associate Editor for Deep-Sea Research. Co-Chair of Ocean Modelling and Forecasting Group at NOCS. NOCS Research Committee member. NCOF Executive Board member. NEMO Developer’s Committee member. NOCS representative for NCAS (NERC Centres for Atmospheric Sciences)



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Book section

Azevedo, A.; Correia, S.; da Silva, J.C.B.; New, A.L.. 2004 Hot-spots of internal wave activity off Iberia revealed by multisensor remote sensing satellite observations - SPOTIWAVE. In: Lacoste, H., (ed.)Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR, Svalbard, Norway, 8-12 Sep 2003. Noordwijk, Netherlands, European Space Agency, 125-132. (ESA Special Publication, SP-565).