Dr Henry Ruhl

Associate Head, Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems
Ocean Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems
+44 (0)23 8059 6365

I specialize in biological carbon cycle processes and ecology with a focus on the deep sea. The importance of describing such natural phenomena is growing as energy, fisheries, and mining activities continue to develop in deeper waters. Understanding contemporary processes will be crucial in evaluating any anthropogenic impacts in the deep-ocean. I am currently the PI for the NERC Project: Autonomous Ecological Surveying of the Abyss. In addition to deep-sea ecological research I’m helping to coordinate ocean observatory efforts related to EMSO, FixO3, DELOS and other efforts. These programs work not only through government funded research, but also by collaborating with industry. Such objective collaboration is already leading to outcomes not otherwise possible through academic or industrial research alone.



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Conference item

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