Dr Laurent Amoudry

Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
+44 (0)151 795 4811


I am a senior scientist at the National Oceanography Centre, where I lead the Coastal Ocean Processes team. I am a coastal scientist with broad interests in coastal, estuarine and shelf seas dynamics, in particular in relation to sediment transport, turbulence and mixing, and land-ocean transfer processes. My work primarily involves observational and modelling studies of physical processes, the aim of which is to improve integrated predictive systems for coastal and shelf seas under climate and anthropogenic changes.

Some more detailed topics of interest include:

  • coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics
  • coastal and estuarine sediment transport, suspended particulate dynamics, flocculation, sediment-turbulence interaction
  • bottom boundary layer processes, bedload, sediment resuspension
  • turbulence and mixing in coastal waters
  • multiphase approaches for geophysical sediment transport applications
  • fluxes at the sediment-water interface

Current research projects

BLUEcoast combines the expertise of biologists, coastal engineers, geologists, geographers, and oceanographers with complementary field, laboratory and numerical skills, to understand the processes controlling the dynamics of our coastal systems.

Using case study sites across England we aim to inform shoreline management by reducing uncertainties in the prediction of medium-term (years) and long -term (decadal and longer) regional sediment budgets, morphological change and how the coast recovers after sequences of storm events. As it is not feasible to quantify all the relevant morphodynamic processes at high spatial resolution across the entire UK coast, we focus on a number of different coastal systems representing:

  • Exposed (high energy) sandy coast with rocky headlands (SW England).
  • Partially-exposed (medium-wave energy) sand-shingle coast, with soft rock cliffs and subtidal sediments (E England, Suffolk coast).
  • Mixed sand-mud coasts and estuaries (NW England, Morecambe Bay; & E England, Essex estuaries).

Our aim is to develop an integrated modelling tool that will be used to evaluate coastal resilience and scope alternative management options along managed coastlines with critical Energy infrastructure (SE England, Dungeness foreland & E England, Minsmere nature reserve).

This project is funded by NERC in response to a Highlight Topic call. It is a consortium involving many groups in the UK, and is being led by NOC. I am the overall PI for the project.

  • Land Ocean Carbon Transfer (LOCATE)

  • Salt intrusion: Understanding the Pearl River Estuary by Modelling and field Experiments (SUPREME)

Saltwater intrusion in deltas and estuaries results from the complex interaction between water and salt dynamics, and is affected by climate change and human intervention. In the Pearl River Estuary (PRE) in China, these changes endanger freshwater availability affecting over 40 million people. PRE's complex shape (geometry and bathymetry) makes salt intrusion processes inherently three-dimensional. However, as previous research was mainly restricted to longitudinal variability, current knowledge is insufficient to unravel the interwoven longitudinal and lateral salt transport mechanisms.

The overall aim of the SUPREME project is to understand these three-dimensional salt transport mechanisms, and their sensitivity to variations in external forcing and local geographic shape. The knowledge and tools developed/applied in this project will help assess the effectiveness of possible measures to alleviate undesired changes in salt intrusion.

This project is a collaboration between the NOC, the Delft University of Technology (Dr Henk Shuttelaars), and Sun Yat-sen University (Prof. Wenping Gong). It is co-funded by EPSRC through the Newton Fund in the UK, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, NSFC.

Past projects

The aim of the programme is to reduce the uncertainty in our understanding of nutrient and carbon cycling within the shelf seas, and of their overall role in global biogeochemical cycles. The programme will also provide effective policy advice and make a significant contribution to the Living With Environmental Change programme.

I am involved in the benthic and in the modelling work packages.

Biogeochemistry, macronutrient and carbon cycling in the benthic layer: This project is a consortium of leading scientists that includes microbiologists, ecologists, physical oceanographers, biogeochemists, mathematical modellers and policy advisors. With assistance from organisations like CEFAS, Marine Scotland and AFBI, they will carry out a series of research cruises around the UK that will map the sensitivity and status of seabed habitats based on their physical condition, the microbial and faunal communities that inhabit them, and the size and dynamics of the nitrogen and carbon pools found there.

Integrative Modelling for Shelf Seas Biogeochemistry: The overarching scientific goal is to enhance our capacity to assess the controls on biogeochemical cycling and hence to quantify with uncertainties the budgets of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and silicon including their response to climate, natural variability and anthropogenic stress. The underpinning strategic goal is to develop a new shelf seas biogeochemical model system, coupled to a state of the art physical model, capable of predicting regional impacts of environmental change from days to decades. We will establish a new common model version for the European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model (ERSEM), drawing from the combined expertise of the partners.

  • Interactions of flow, tidal stream turbines and local sediment bed under combined waves and tidal conditions (INSTRON)

Computational and laboratory modelling studies will be carried out (i) to investigate the fundamental processes controlling the complex flow-TST-sediment interactions and (ii) to improve practical prediction methods that can be used not only by engineers in full-scale TST planning and design but also by regulatory authorities monitoring environmental and ecological consequences of installing TST arrays. The research will take a systematic, multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach involving analysis, physical model experiments and numerical modelling components to address and delineate the key processes affecting the sea bed response to TST placements in coastal waters

The iCOASST project will help forecast what the UK’s coastline will look like in the future, up to 100 years’ time.

This four-year project brings together a number of UK universities, research laboratories and leading consultants, to develop new methods that will characterise and forecast long-term changes to coastal sediment systems. This work is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and is partnered by the Environment Agency (EA), who will use these methods to improve long-term flood and erosion risk management.

I am involved in the process-based modelling component of the project.

  • Multi-dimensional Intra-wave Modelling of coupled Sediment transport and Turbulence

In this project, we will combine existing high-quality experimental data with state-of-the-art modelling approaches in order to assess and improve the current representation of near-bed turbulence and sediment transport over rippled beds in coastal-scale models.


I joined the then Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory in January 2008 as a sediment dynamicist, I was promoted to senior scientist in 2012 and I have been leading the Coastal Ocean Processes subgroup since 2014. Prior to this, I obtained a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Cornell University (Jan. 2008), working on two-phase modelling of granular sediment for sheet flow and scour. I also obtained a dual Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University and Ecole Centrale de Lyon in 2001.


My publications while at NOC (and at POL before) can be found on the NERC Open Research Archive.

Below is earlier work from my PhD at Cornell University:

Amoudry, L.O.; Liu, P. L.-F.. 2009 Two-dimensional, two-phase granular sediment transport model with applications to scouring downstream of an apron. Coastal Engineering, 56 (7). 693-702. 10.1016/j.coastaleng.2009.01.006

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