Dr Michael Clare

Marine Geoscience
+44 (0)23 8059 6550

Research Interests

My research interests are focussed on:

1) Major sediment transport events and their relationship with climatic change. Do major hyperthermals correspond to periods of major sediment transport? Do sediment transport events have a control on climate on short or long timescales?

2) The recurrence of extreme marine geohazards, such as submarine landslides, earthquakes and volcanic collapses. Is there continuum of frequency and magnitude from small to large geohazards? Do the extreme events show time-independent behaviour?

3) Direct monitoring of submarine landslides and turbidity currents to better understand their triggering factors. I am particularly interested in why some subaqueous slope failures are delayed after potential triggers such as earthquakes and sudden sediment loading.

4) Assessing the impact of geohazards (particularly in the deep sea) on critical infrastructure through the use of emerging technologies.

I work with a combination of data from outcrop and sediment cores, high resolution marine geophysical data, evidence of disruption and damage to infrastructure (e.g. cable breaks), and novel application of equipment such as Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers and water column imaging.

Ongoing Funded Projects

NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellowship under the Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme that aims to fill identify and fill the gaps in relation to environmental risks to infrastructure (NE/P005780/1). £350k.

Co-Investigator on the NERC Environmental Risks to Infrastructure Innovation Programme (ERIIP) (NE/N012798/1) “What threat do turbidity currents and submarine landslides pose to strategic submarine telecommunications cable infrastructure?”.  £140k.

Principal Investigator on "New field-scale calibration of turbidity current impact modelling" (NE/P009190/1).  £140k.



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