Dr Michela De Dominicis

Marine Systems Modelling
+44 (0)151 795 4966

Dr. Michela De Dominicis is a Researcher in the Marine System Modelling group. She is a physical oceanographer with expertise in marine numerical modelling (hydrodynamic, wave and Lagrangian models). Her work has application for ocean renewable energy, marine pollution and coastal hazards. Her recent research focused on the evaluation of potential impacts of very large tidal stream arrays and climate change on marine hydrodynamics, as part of the EcoWatt2050 (2015-2017) project. She is now contributing to the SUCCESS (2017) project, studying the impacts of plausible extreme coastal surge and wave events.

Recent projects:

EcoWatt2050 (EPSRC project) focused on the mix of technologies, the locations and configurations of very large scale offshore renewable energy arrays, that might be deployed in the Scottish Waters, in order to determine ways in which marine spatial planning and policy development can enable the maximum level of marine energy extraction, while minimizing environmental impacts.

Michela's research mainly focused on the multi-scale ocean response to tidal stream energy extraction by large theoretical arrays in Scottish Waters (UK). The Scottish Shelf Model, an unstructured grid three-dimensional FVCOM (Finite Volume Community Ocean Model) implementation, has been used to reproduce the hydrodynamic conditions representative of present and projected future climate in 2050. Four scenarios have been modelled: present and future climate conditions with and without the possible very large scale tidal stream array layouts. This allowed to evaluate the potential effect of climate change on the hydrodynamics and compare it with the present and the future state of the seas modified by large scale energy extraction.




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Conference item

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