Projects and Case Studies

The NOC has a wealth of experience collaborating with companies across a range of industries, working on the creation and advancement of new technologies. Having secured funding from Innovate UK, the NOC is currently working on the following projects.

Project title: Launch and Recovery of Multiple MicroAUVs from an USV

Partners: Planet Ocean (Lead), ASV, UoS, NOC

The launch amd recovery of multiple, low cost AUVs (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) from an USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) for applications including; defence, oil spill monitoring and science. This development will provide science users increased range, spatial sampling resolution and reduced cost versus existing solutions, thus eliminating dependence on expensive ship time.

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Project title: Carbon Capture and Storage Monitoring System

Partners: Fugro (Lead), Sonardyne (Lead), NOC, UoS, BGS, PML

This project was established as a result of the EU’s directive on CO2 storage and other legislation that means storage operators must monitor for potential leaks and examine whether any leak is damaging to the environment or human health.

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Project title: Pressure Tolerant Lithium Sulfur Battery for Marine Autonomous Systems

Partners: Steatite (lead), Oxis, MSubs, NOC

Steatite Ltd, Oxis Energy Ltd, M Subs Ltd and the National Oceanography Centre have formed a collaborative partnership to develop a revolutionary pressure tolerant rechargeable battery solution based upon new, innovative Lithium Sulfur (Li-S) chemistry. The growing use of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) by the Oil & Gas industry, Defence sector and Scientific research organisations, together with emerging industries like Deep Sea Mining, require new technical developments to drive the industry forward. The need to extend mission times, collecting data for longer and provide greater run time at speed requires more power. This UK Consortium made up of market leading companies will use the latest Lithium Sulfur chemistry to research and develop a safe rechargeable lithium battery with leading energy density and endurance.

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Project title: Autonomous Surface  / Sub-surface Survey System

Partners: ASV (lead), Sonardyne, Seebyte, NOC

This programme combines unmanned surface vessels (USVs), unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and novel communications technology into an integrated system to provide a means of conducting low cost shore based full water column marine surveys. Success will accelerate the wider adoption of unmanned systems and will enable long term, low-cost survey and monitoring operations for offshore energy applications, deep sea mining prospecting and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) monitoring. There will also be a consequential reduction in the need to place humans in dangerous environments and a greater acceptability of unmanned systems by operators and regulators.

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We also have a range of case studies based on our previous collaborations, which are available for you to download below.

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