Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Offshore oil and gas exploration and production are pushing into deeper frontier waters, often in remote and hostile environments. There are also challenges in the effective recovery of oil and gas from identified reserves. Consequently, the risk and cost of offshore operations are steadily increasing.

Such limitations are driving opportunities for oil and gas companies, to invest in innovative, cost-reducing technologies to enhance operational efficiency. By accessing external funding opportunities and joint-industry funding, your company could benefit from responsive and flexible innovations to drive down operational costs, maximise existing investments, access and share innovation expertise, and respond to government fiscal and environmental regulations.

NOC scientific and technological capabilities that can aid the Hydrocarbons industry include:

  • Marine environment and route characterisation
  • Monitoring of infrastructure and seafloor/subsurface mapping
  • Fluid flow detection and characterisation
  • Deep-water geohazard assessment
  • MetOcean modelling for offshore installations, integrity analysis and shipping forecasts.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements at nocbusiness@noc.ac.uk.

NOC Oil and Gas Industry Collaboration (NOGIC)

NOGIC offers oil and gas companies the opportunity to partner in the development of new science and technologies, in order to reduce industry operational costs and develop unique competitive advantages.

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