Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

Marine Robotics Innovation Centre

The Marine Robotics Innovation Centre is where science meets business, bringing together a range of industries to develop the next generation of marine autonomy.

At the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre in Southampton, we host a community of innovative companies developing technology for platforms, components and sub-systems in order to aid and advance oceanographic research for the benefit of both scientists and businesses.

The National Oceanography Centre invested £3.5 million into the creation and development of this world-leading facility. With a range of specialist engineering and testing facilities, along with the world-class expertise of the scientists and technicians spanning more than 20 years at the NOC, we are able to accommodate and enhance the advancement of autonomous technologies.

The community, utilising available services at the innovation centre, share the specialised space with the NOC Marine Autonomous and Robotics Systems team who have extensive experience of the deployment of marine autonomous platforms in the ocean’s most challenging environments.


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The Hub


The Hub is the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre’s main workspace, specially designed to be adaptable and multi-functional encouraging collaborations between enterprises working in marine innovation.

At the heart of the Innovation Centre is a large, 317m2 open-plan office space, providing a nurturing environment for collaborative engagement and development between enterprises and with the National Oceanography Centre on a daily basis. The fully serviced office space includes kitchen and meeting areas allowing for informal idea sharing, networking and support, but if necessary, these spaces can be transformed to hold formal meetings and presentations. A regular programme of networking and workshop events take place in the Hub, which is at the heart of the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre.

We also have a range of smaller, enclosed spaces and private meeting rooms for those working on commercially sensitive projects. Four private, sound-minimising meeting pods separate the meeting space from the desk space and three fully equipped meeting rooms, containing Video Conferencing software and smart boards/AV equipment are available. A flexible operations room with large bank of monitors is also available to manage live vehicle deployments and data analysis.