Strategic Partners

Through partnership with the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre your company can gain access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise of scientists and engineers based at the NOC.

Partnerships at the Marine Robotics Innovation Centre are available for small to medium enterprises looking to take physical space in the centre to enable collaborative working with innovative companies and the development of power capabilities, sensors, communications and autonomous platform technologies.

Companies seeking advice from the experts in the field of marine autonomy can partner with us on a range of opportunities. The Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems research group at the NOC has been at the forefront of AUV design and development for marine science applications for over 20 years. The NOC will share its extensive experience of deploying Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) in challenging environments for marine science applications, with companies developing MAS technology, to stimulate both new product and service development in a growth market offering significant commercial opportunities.

Specifically the centre aims to encourage and support

  • Development of technologies and systems that create a step change in marine autonomous systems capability
  • An exchange of ideas and information to facilitate wider adoption of marine autonomous systems
  • Collaborative projects that respond to national and international challenges more effectively
  • Leveraging of supporting public funding for specific Research and Development
  • Development and demonstration of new technology via access to research facilities and equipment at the National Oceanography Centre.

The centre will also provide information about regulation and legislation, risk and reliability, communication, and control relating to marine autonomous systems.

Innovation Centre partners will work on novel projects, not currently market ready, with the long-term aim of the advancement of the national capability in marine autonomous systems technology. Non-SMEs will also be welcomed to the Innovation Centre, however the centre cannot be used for manufacturing.

Partners will have access to NOC laboratories, workshops and testing facilities. Read more about the facilities we have to offer.

We are actively seeking new strategic partners working on power capabilities, sensors, communications and the creation of new autonomous platforms.

Currently a diverse range of public and private sector companies have taken space in the Innovation Centre.

Joining NOC’s Marine Robotics Innovation Centre is a natural move for us considering our strong track record in underwater positioning, communications and custom engineering. Our ability to help find answers to ocean science’s most challenging questions, underpins our relationship with many of the world’s leading marine institutes, but we are particularly happy to be working with the NOC in advancing the UK’s capabilities in future marine robotic systems.