National Partnerships

National Partnerships

The National Oceanography Centre enjoys a wide range of partnerships, enhancing the links with the marine industrial sector, learned societies, and policy makers.


UK Marine Science Co-ordination Committee

The NOC is an active member of the UK Marine Science Co-ordination Committee (MSCC) which brings together the marine science and evidence interests of multiple UK government departments, devolved administrations and public agencies. The NOC provides expertise into the MSCC secretariat.

National Partnership for Ocean Prediction

The National Partnership for Ocean Prediction (NPOP) is a collaborative programme between the NOC, the Met Office, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, and the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. The scientific collaboration aims to provide an improved understanding and prediction of many aspects of the marine environment, including; fisheries, safety at sea, maritime operations, marine renewable energy, coastal flood warning, and the achievement and maintenance of good environmental status.

As part of this programme, scientists from the partner organisations develop and promote the application of world-leading marine products and services, with a focus on national and public benefit. This includes the integration of models, observations and scientific understanding to produce the best information, and advice about the marine environment. There will be a rigorous quality assurance and traceability of data, in addition to a focus on the needs of those who will use these services in order to maximise the social and economic benefits.

UK Natural Hazards Partnership

The NOC is a member of the Natural Hazards Partnership, which brings together expertise from across NERC to provide advice to the UK Government’s Cabinet Office on preparation response and review of natural hazards including flooding, geological hazards, volcanic ash, weather and wildfires.

Learned and professional societies

Challenger Society for Marine Science

The NOC is a major sponsor and supporter of the Challenger Society for Marine Science, the learned society that advancing the study of marine science through research and education.

Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) is the international professional body covering marine engineering, science and technology. A number of our scientists are members or fellows of the institute.

Sea Vision

NOC is a supporter of Sea Vision UK, the national campaign to raise awareness of the sea including the maritime sector in its widest sense.

Society for Underwater Technology

NOC is a corporate member of the Society for Underwater Technology, a multidisciplinary learned society that brings together organisations and individuals with a common interest in underwater technology, ocean science and offshore engineering. Members of NOC staff serve on SUT Committees and Council.



NOC is an associate member of SUBSEA UK, the trade body for the UK subsea industry, acting for the entire supply chain bringing together operators, contractors and suppliers in the industry.

Society for Maritime Industries
The NOC is an active member of the Society for Maritime Industries, the voice of the UK’s maritime engineering and business sector, and is part of the Marine Autonomous Systems Council.

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