Marine Data Products

Marine Data Products

The NOC has been providing information, software and advice to the public and private sector for over 80 years. We are able to analyse scientific data and results in order to produce valuable analyses that translate into real-world benefits for companies and businesses.

We ensure that our customers get the data they require in a form that is easily understood, by providing a bespoke consultancy service backed up by easy-to-use software products.

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    We have a diverse range of products that cover many industry sectors from the offshore oil & gas industry, coastal ports & harbours through to publishing and recreation. From the traditional tide table of high and low water times and heights through to state‐of‐the‐art offshore modelling software.



    anyTide App

    anyTide is a mobile app providing tidal predictions around the world, and tide and current information for the British Isles. The application is available for both Apple and Android phones.


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    Tidal Predictions

    The National Oceanography Centre has provided national and international tidal prediction services for many years and are able to provide advice and data to a wide range of industries.

    • We are able to make tidal predictions for over 700 ports around the UK
    • We are able to access the UK National Tide Gauge Network data
    • We can analyse this data to produce a diverse range of tidal prediction products.


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