Dr Chris Wilson

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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
cwi at noc.ac.uk
+44 (0)151 795 4806



Research interests

My expertise is in ocean mesoscale dynamics (a strongly nonlinear part of the climate system, consisting of vortices, waves and jets with characteristic scales of ~ 10-100 km, ~ days-weeks), their connection to and effect on climate adjustment and predictability. Most recently, I have become interested in Lagrangian coherent structures to identify fluid transport and mixing processes, and stochastic eddy parameterisation to improve climate simulation.

I began my academic career in mathematics and fluid dynamics, and over the last 20-odd years I have gained experience in observing, modelling and predicting the climate system and the dynamical processes that control climate.  I am a member of the Sea-Level and Ocean Climate subgroup within the Joseph Proudman Building, and a further longstanding specialism has been in sea-level science, where I use theory and observations (e.g. satellite altimetry and tide gauges) to improve the processes in sea-level models, to enhance their predictive skill.   This work has included small scales (storm surges and tsunamis) and large scales (basin-scale adjustment of sea level).

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