Dr Ismael Falcon Suarez

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Marine Geoscience
isfalc at noc.ac.uk
+44 (0)23 8059 6556



Ismael Falcon-Suarez is a geologist with a PhD in Civil Engineering and a MSc in Water Engineering (download Ismael's CV here). Ismael is a research fellow in the Marine Geophysics Team at NOC since October 2013. Since 2010, he has been investigating the Thermo-Hydro-Mechano-Chemical (THMC) coupled phenomena that might occur in deep geological formations due to CO2-seawater-rock interactions during CO2 storage (CCS). He has been engaged in a number of projects for the oil/gas industry, gaining experience in assembling, running and interpreting a wide range geomechanical and hydraulic tests (including routine and special core analysis).

Ismael has designed and assembled the experimental rig for CO2 storage experiments at the NOC, Southampton: a novel rig capable to simultaneously determining ultrasonic P- and S-wave velocities and attenuations, electrical resistivity (including tomography), axial and radial strains, and permeability (including relative permeability for variable brine: CO2 flow rates) of rock samples, replicating differential stress conditions of real reservoirs.

Areas of expertise: Rock physics, rock mechanics, hydrology

- Advanced skills in experimental work on CCS topics: design and construction of experimental rigs to analyse rock-water-gas interaction at reservoir conditions (routine and special core analysis); transport properties in rocks (permeability to gas and water measurements, in high and low permeability media; breakthrough pressure determinations); acoustic (ultrasonic) velocities interpretation; electrical resistivity; stress-strain behaviours.

- Geophysical data loading, processing and generation of high resolution images of the subsoil with specific software (WellCAD): Processing of borehole images and geophysical logging parameters.

- Designing-assembling setups for hydrodynamic studies of soils (electrical tomography, X-ray tomography, TDR); mineral barriers design: capillary barriers waste; numerical modelling: CORE2D, COMPASS, ArcGIS, Epanet, HecRas, GeoRas, Matlab, Qual2E, Surfer, SMS.

Commercial applications: Software and patents

  • FoMPeCa: Four Methods Permeability Calculator. Designer: Falcon-Suarez, I. Copyright © 2014, Natural Environment Research Council.
  • Falcón, I., Juncosa, R., Delgado, J., Vázquez, A., Barrientos, V. Accepted on 29 May 2011. Device for simulating thermo-hydro-mechanic behaviors of barriers of fines, focus on waterproofing and closing landfills. Patent ES 2345472 B1, University of La Coruña, Spain.