Dr Loïc Houpert

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Marine Physics and Ocean Climate
locupe at noc.ac.uk



I am a research scientist in physical oceanography interested in understanding the variability of the ocean circulation (transport of heat/salt/mass by ocean currents, dynamics of dense water formation) and how it impacts the European and global climate. I am particularly using in situ observations (e.g. mooring, glider, CTD cruise), satellite data and model outputs.

At NOC, I am involved in the Overturning in the Subpolar North Atlantic Programme (UK-OSNAP). Recently, I used gliders to quantify the circulation and transport associated with the different branches of the North Atlantic Current (eastward extension of the Gulf Stream) in the Subpolar Gyre.

I have participated in 11 oceanographic cruises in the North Atlantic and in the Mediterranean Sea.

You can have more information from my website (lhoupert.fr). You can also find me on: