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We are very enthusiastic to share our experience and expertise into areas of marine and geological science with you to provide insight and answers as to why out planet behaves the way it does. Before the breaking news hits screens around the world, we could provide the answers you are looking for. We have a range of resources for journalists on offer including articles, fact sheets, an extensive multimedia library and contact details for our press office enabling you to contact experts in your field of interest.

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Latest News and Events

National Marine Facilities Technology Road Map published

The National Marine Facilities Technology Road Map
The National Oceanography Centre has this week published the National Marine Facilities (NMF) Technology Roadmap 2020-21, which outlines current capabilities, and looks to the future of oceanographic science and the technology that will take us... Read More

SNAP-DRAGON project funded to study the changing subpolar North Atlantic Ocean

Funding has been announced for a major project aimed at improving understanding of an ocean region important for climate predictability. The SNAP-DRAGON project will see NOC scientists work alongside colleagues from Oxford, Southampton,... Read More

New genus of giant single-celled organism found on Pacific seafloor named after Moana

An in-situ image of <span style="font-style: normal">Moanammina</span> from Jennifer Durden and Craig Smith as part of the DeepCCZ Project
Two new genera and four new species of giant, single-celled xenophyophores (protozoans belonging to a group called the foraminifera) were discovered in the deep Pacific Ocean during a joint project between scientists at the National Oceanography... Read More

Opportunities for media to join scientific expeditions on-board the RRS Discovery and RRS James Cook, as well as shore based deployments of autonomous vehicles, and events, will be posted here.

Media wishing to join a research expedition on a ship should read the Media Activities Aboard NERC Ships Policy and submit the formal request form contained within the document.



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