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Latest News and Events

Computer models to help inform Pearl delta planning

Today the NOC announced it’s involvement in a new, internationally collaborative project that will inform planning for the Pearl River Delta in China by combining measurements of salt in estuarine waters with computer modelling. Currently... Read More

New research shows underwater rivers are more powerful and long-lasting than first thought

A team of scientists has discovered that sediment avalanches occurring deep under the ocean are far more frequent and long-lasting than previously thought. The team, including Mike Clare, Matthieu Cartigny, Peter Talling, and Dan Parsons and... Read More

National Oceanography Centre to work with the Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources

The National Oceanography Centre (NOC) and the Vietnam Institute of Geosciences and Mineral Resources (VIGMR) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), on 26 September, which will develop joint training and technical programmes for knowledge... Read More

Media opportunity to board the RRS Discovery ahead of the anniversary of the Discovery Investigations

This is an opportunity to go on board the royal research ship (RRS) Discovery on 21 September, before she embarks on an ambitious science expedition to the waters around South Georgia. This expedition will take place around 100 years after scientists onboard the original RRS Discovery, first used by Captain Scott, began a series of investigations in the same area that laid the foundations of modern biological oceanography. A comparison between technology used during the original Discovery Investigations and the ocean robots onboard this latest expedition provides an excellent opportunity to compare how far oceanography has come as a subject.

Join us for a rare behind the scenes tour of RRS Discovery while she’s berthed in Southampton. This will include an opportunity to view an ocean robot that will be used on the expedition, and some historic artefacts relating to the Discovery Investigations, including

  1. The original leather bound logbook from the first RRS Discovery expedition in 1925, recording when it set sail from Portsmouth. A unique record of the ship’s journey, the crew and weather data.
  2. A biologist's record of specimens collected in the form of watercolour paintings, drawings and data.
  3. Black and White images of the record of the expedition showing ships, landscapes and bergs, crew, equipment and oceanographic instruments.
  4. Press cuttings book collated from 1923 showing newspaper cuttings from the press on the reporting of the Discovery Investigations.

There will also be a chance to interview key scientists, as well as the manager of the National Oceanographic library, who will be able to talk about the historic artefacts and their significance.

Contact Holly Peacock, Senior Communications Officer at the National Oceanography Centre, on 023 8059 6388 or for more information.

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