Research Expeditions

Research Expeditions

At any one time scientists and technicians from the UK marine community can be at sea on numerous vessels. This page provides information on the current research expeditions being undertaken by our two Royal Research Ships Discovery and James Cook. Here you can discover where our ships are and what they are aiming to achieve.


Updates from the ships’ Plans of Intended Movement (PIM)


RRS Discovery RRS James Cook

Vessel: Discovery


DTG:     171018 07:00
Zone:   Z-3
Subj:    PIM


Pos:  SST, Corte Pier, Eco Porto, Santos

WX:  Lt AIrs. Cloudy and clear. Sheltered waters


Status: Mob DY094

Crew change completed yesterday


Intentions: ETD tbc


Vessel:  James Cook


DTG: 181018 0800

Zone: UTC+1


a: SST, Muelle Elder, Las Palmas

b: Mobilisation for JC174 continuing


Ships’ positions

This map shows the positions of the NOC operated vessels RRS Discovery and RRS James Cook. While every effort is made to keep this map up to date sometimes position updates are not possible.


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Latest Expeditions

RRS James Cook

Cruise Principal scientist & institution Location Duration in days (begins) Aim



Las Palmas Gran Canaria  

James Cook -  arrived Las Palmas Gran Canaria on Monday 1st October and construction of Geomar Mesocosms on the quay side with the completed units being loaded on to the ships aft deck.

jc 01


RRS Discovery

Cruise Principal scientist & institution Location Duration in days (begins) Aim

National Oceanography Centre 

Durban South Africa 


Discovery sailed from Durban 2nd October and is now on passage to Santos Brazil. 




Previous and Upcoming Expeditions

Learn about the previous research expeditions that have been undertaken.