Dr Ismael Falcon Suarez

Marine Geoscience
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Ismael Falcon-Suarez is geologist, PhD in Civil Engineering, MSc in Water Engineering. Ismael has been working in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) since 2010. His career in CCS started at the University of A Coruna, where he was involved in the Thermos-Hydro-Mechano-Chemical study of the CCS site of Hontomin, Burgos (Spain). As a result, he has further developed his skills in hydromechanical analysis and geophysical monitoring of rock samples at the laboratory scale (routine and special core analysis; advanced transport properties), the design and assembly of experimental rigs for simulating real P-T conditions of reservoirs, and software for data processing and interpretation of results. Meanwhile, he has been engaged in a number of projects for the oil/gas industry, gaining experience in assembling, running and interpreting a wide range geomechanical tests (advanced skills in the use of triaxial systems MTS Systems Corporation mod. 815). Since October 2013, Ismael has been focused on the design and assembly of the experimental rig for CO2 storage experiments at the NOC, Southampton. Nowadays, the NOC presents a novel rig capable to simultaneously determining ultrasonic P- and S-wave velocities and attenuations, electrical resistivity (including tomography), axial and radial strains and permeability (including relative permeability for variable brine:CO2 flow rates) of rock samples, replicating differential stress conditions of real reservoirs. 

Rock physics and rock mechanics

Advanced skills in experimental work on CCS topics: design and construction of experimental rigs to analyse rock-water-gas interaction at reservoir conditions (routine and special core analysis); transport properties in rocks (permeability to gas and water measurements, in high and low permeability medium; breakthrough pressure determinations); acoustic velocities interpretation; electrical resistivity; stress-strain behaviours; etc. See for more details www.lameroc.com. Geophysical data loading, processing and generation of high resolution images of the subsoil with specific software (WellCAD): Processing of borehole images and geophysical logging parameters.

Soil mechanics and hydrogeology

Designing and performing experimental setups for hydrodynamic studies; the use of advanced technics to determine soil-water dynamics: electrical tomography, X-ray tomography, TDR; mineral barriers design: capillary barriers waste; numerical modelling (CORE2D, COMPASS); etc


SCI Publications (See section below)

Other Peer Reviewed Publications

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Software and patents

  • FoMPeCa: Four Methods Permeability Calculator. Designer: Falcon-Suarez, I. Copyright © 2014, Natural Environment Research Council.
  • Falcón, I., Juncosa, R., Delgado, J., Vázquez, A., Barrientos, V. Accepted on 29th May of 2011. Device for simulating thermo-hydro-mechanic behaviors of barriers of fines, focus on waterproofing and closing landfills. Patent ES 2345472 B1, University of La Coruña, Spain.




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